chessbase.com に “How XiangQi can improve your chess” という文章が掲載されています。象棋を学ぶことでチェスの棋力が向上する、という説です。

“Five reasons chess players should play XiangQi” と題して5つの理由が掲げられています。以下、要約と原文、そして私の意見を述べます。

理由その1. 象棋は非常に戦術的である


1. XiangQi is extremely tactical

It will sharpen your tactical skills from whatever level you are, bringing you to the next level! One of the main differences between Chess and XiangQi are the open files at the beginning of the game, while in chess all the files are closed by pawns. By contrast, in XiangQi there are already four open files, four highways to let our heavy war machines go to their final battle destination.

同意します。序盤の速度は 象棋>チェス>>将棋 の順に早い。将棋の横歩取りは急戦ですが、それでもチェスや象棋に比べると緩やかに進行します。

理由その2. 先読みの能力が必要


2. XiangQi obliges you to visualize

You have to look far ahead, therefore XiangQi will improve our calculation strength, and add clarity to the final position. In fact in XiangQi there are some important studies, like the “Gathering of the Seven Stars" which are quite complicated, nearly more complicated than anything found in chess!


理由その3. チェスのための脳力を保つ


3. XiangQi will continue to keep your brain working on chess!

Yes, this is the real point. When we do a certain activity, connections between neurons in our brains are formed to allow us to better perform in that activity, be it learning a new language, or a new skill. Chess has the same allocated place in the brain that we would have for Chinese Chess, hence we are not damaging one in favor of the other, we are keeping our connections alive, and functioning also when we need a break from chess as sport to avoid over-exertion! Think of it as a localized muscle training.


理由その4. 勝利の精神を教える


4. XiangQi teaches a winning mentality

In chess, thanks to pawns closing the position, many young players just play 20 moves and then offer a draw. In XiangQi you cannot close the position — you have to fight till the end. XiangQi separates the true gladiator from the Sunday sports layman. If your mentality in chess is “live and let’s draw", don’t try XiangQi, because there are no prisoners in XiangQi. It will hurt you badly!

うーん。チェスプレイヤーはそう感じるのかな? これはよくわからない。

理由その5. 休憩は良いこと


5. The break will do you good

Often, when we try to solve a position, we can’t. So what to do? One of the best things is to let the mind work on it, while we take a little break, and watch something else. With XiangQi, the same applies.

Let’s say you are in a period of stagnation with your chess rating, and you cannot improve. Take 15-20 days off, and learn to play XiangQi, solve XiangQi checkmating problems, play everyday few XiangQi games, and then after 15 days go back to chess, and see what happened! (I’m advising this system to club or tournament players, not to those who just began to play chess.) I did a similar experiment with great results. I didn’t have tournaments for a couple of weeks, so I began consistently playing XiangQi and solving problems, even played in a XiangQi tournament online, and then returned to chess because in a week a couple of tournaments were coming up. The results were amazing, my creativity was clearly raised, and I didn’t play chess for over 2 weeks!






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